The evidence of a spiritual revolution

Watch this video from PBS Newshour about urbanization today in less developed countries. What role, if any, do you think the government should take to improve conditions in the new industrial cities? Choose the answer that best represents your point of view:

The evidence of a spiritual revolution

Spiritual Revolution in the World Over-Development of Matter Evolution scientists tell us that that the birth and growth of man, the Home Sapiens, marked the completion of the evolutionary cycle of life on earth that took place in various stages over millions of years. Man is the only creature among millions of species on earth, who can think intelligently and synthesize thoughts.

Man has made great strides in science and technology. This is often mistaken as the evidence of man having reached the pinnacle of the evolutionary glory.

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A closer look at this phenomenon tells us that the growth of human mind has so far been limited to exploiting the potential of matter.

This is reflected in the spectacular growth of physical science that has put man in space and begun unlocking the mysteries of human body through research in areas such as genome mapping, cellular biology and stem cells.

The evidence of a spiritual revolution

However, human endeavor to The evidence of a spiritual revolution into the potential of spirit has not gone beyond the realm of psycho-physical research. In fact, research into deeper aspects of human mind always invariably ends with scientists probing the brain.

The evidence of a spiritual revolution

This is because modern science cannot believe or perceive that human body and mind could be linked to another state of consciousness that exists beyond the limits of our physical world. This has caused a neat division between scientists and religious leaders, making them look at each with a degree of suspicion and even hostility.

The progress in science and technology has therefore led to greater physical comforts but not to peace of mind. If anything, material progress stemming from new scientific discoveries has only led to competition, conflict, discord and internecine struggle in human society.

He argued that mankind would not be at peace with itself unless it achieved a correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter and linking them together.

He is yet to evolve further in the realm of spirit.

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Union of Matter and Spirit Vedic texts mention that the human body is only the physical abode of soul. The physical body is composed of seven kosha sheathsand the atman soul pervades all seven sheaths: It was the day on which Guru Siyag was born.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were also convinced that if one man on earth underwent complete spiritual revolution, it was practically possible for millions of others to experience this divine transformation if they followed the same path as the Chosen One. They knew that eventually the chosen one would be made fully conscious of his real mission on earth.

This happened in when Guru Siyag achieved the Gayatri Siddhi in the wee hours of a winter morning in a Rajasthan town. In the town of Pondichery in southern India, Mother, who was always connected with cosmic consciousness, instantly received the vibrations of this momentous happening.

Powerful and prolonged infiltration of supramental forces into the "body" everywhere at the same time, as though the whole body "bathed" in the forces that entered everywhere at the same time with a slight friction, the head down to the neck was the last receptive region.

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He also says that from that day onwards he experienced a transformation in his very being. In subsequent communications with his Guru Gangainathji from the plane of the spirit, Guru Siyag was told that it was his mission to bring about a spiritual revolution by becoming the medium for the Divine Transformation of all mankind.Spiritual but not religious is the goal.

Religious spirits are the strongest opposing forces against the Church. They are hypocrites, legalistic, self-righteous, and oppose threats to a sense of Holy Spirit used religious persecution to launch the greatest spiritual revolution of all time.

Spiritual Revolution in the World Over-Development of Matter Evolution scientists tell us that that the birth and growth of man, the Home Sapiens, marked the completion of the evolutionary cycle of life on earth that took place in various stages over millions of years.

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The Evidence of a Spiritual Revolution in Society Today Essay ‘The growth of the New Age and similar movements is evidence of a spiritual revolution is society today’ to what extent do sociological views and arguments support this view?

There is little hope for America and many nations of the world without a spiritual revolution. Only a JESUS revolution can bring change; a revolution sent from heaven, with an army of young people trained specifically for the task.

May 11,  · We may not recognize it, and there may be quite a bit of evidence to the contrary, but I am convinced that we are in the early stages of a global spiritual revolution.

People have demanded a food revolution, and many have started their own gardens right in their backyard. We all want food that nourishes us while keeping the planet in harmony, and the wholesome food movement truly points to a shift in consciousness.

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