Sample feasibility questionnaire for coffee shop

Actual research is being conducted at Indian Institute of Management IIMKozhikode by the author on this project and original research paper will be available soon. The sole purpose of this document is to help students and researchers who are interested in marketing research, especially in Indian coffee market. An important factor to be considered is the changing pattern of spending by the Indian consumer.

Sample feasibility questionnaire for coffee shop

The shop is a cozy relaxing place where people will differentiate the kind of high quality of coffee beans. Coffee shop business is so familiar everywhere and specially the Kuwaiti market and our project will be as one of these shops. The Project will be different from what is available in the market due to the unique type of coffee that will be supplied from the franchiser.

The franchiser will supply us with the inventory the whole year period. The cafe will have a menu similar to what is available in the competitors' menus, hot and cold drinks. Also, the cafe will offer some desserts like cup cakes, muffins, cookies, etc and some light food like sandwiches and salads that are suitable for snack.

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Starting the project, we surveyed people from both genders and different occupations. The survey was held using a questionnaire consists of 17 questions. Our respondents were mainly university students and employees.

We mainly focused our questions on how much people are willing to pay and visit the shop and what is their favorite coffee shop they used to buy from. In the process of calculating the number of visitors and the market share we used the annual report of the Ministry of Planning.

We used the numbers and figures we obtained from the survey to estimate the sales by estimating price, number of visitors and the expected market share.

Sample Feasibility Study – Proposal: Guidelines and Samples

For the coming years, our sales is expected to increase by the inflation rate. Moving to numbers and analysis, we used capital budgeting tools with some other tools that help in making the decision. Moreover, the discounted payback period is less than the project life we assumed as well as the profitability index is more than one.

All these indicators lead us to one decision that is to go ahead with the project. All figures and numbers are calculated based on assumptions and inputs that will be discussed later in the report.

As we all know, the economy of any country is based on small businesses.

Sample feasibility questionnaire for coffee shop

It's the best way to seek success at the beginning of your business life, moreover, it's the way to fulfill aspiration as well as wants. As we are young business students, we always approach to undertake attractive opportunities that represent the corner stone of shinning life.

We get the chance to meet one of the inspiring investors who used to encourage youth people in business field. He trusted us to start a feasibility study for a project that he is really concerning about. The idea of the project is not new in the local market, the idea of the project is a traditional coffee shop like some well known coffee shops Star Bucks, Caribou, Coffee Republic and more.

The thing that will differentiate the project from what are in the market is the new franchise that will be imported to Kuwait for the first time from Colombia. What makes this franchise so special is the type of the coffee beans they use.Feasibility Study of a Coffee Shop; Feasibility Study of a Coffee Shop.

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Index Executive summary Objectives Keys to Success Mission Company Summary Company Ownership Start-up Summary feasibility of a coffee shop Words | 8 Pages. Feasibility Cafe Restaurant; The business conceptualized as a coffee shop that offers different types and kinds of pasta dishes, the business also caters cakes and pastries and beverage.

with the proposed name they listed the suggested names of the restaurant and included it in the questionnaire and had a survey. Marketing Research PROJECT PROPOSAL FEASIBILITY OF OPENING A CAFÉ COFFEE DAY (CCD) IN KUNNAMANGALAM, CALICUT Akshay Jadhao, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode Note: This is “Just a Project Proposal and Methodology document” (NOT a research paper).

A Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Coffee Shop in the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte PROJECT HISTORY and BACKGROUND The project is all about establishing a coffee shop in Batac City. Robusta coffee shop - a feasibility study - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

a feasibility study on putting a coffee shop in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija3/5(14). Coffee Shop Feasibility Study Report Anas Mamoun Kouki (13) - Hamad Saleh Al-Qadhi (09) - Hussein Fouad Nassrallah (10) - Small Business Executive Summery The coffee shop is a simple familiar idea where you can enjoy your time with a nice and unique taste of coffee from the marvelous farms in Colombia in South America.

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