Lost boy dave pelzer 1

He is hungry and cold as he sits at the bottom of the stairs in the garage. He feels like he is a prisoner of his mother, and the abuse has been going on for some time.

Lost boy dave pelzer 1

The first book tells you about this little literally kid who was strong and determined enough to stay alive amidst all the abuse his mother had put him through. Little did he know that the "likes" of him.

The "F-kids" as what they were branded were being looked down by the society. Community saw them as rotten tomatoes, even freak of natures.

Like being a foster kid was their fault and choice. Physical abuse seemed more easier to conquer and hurdle than the battle that boiled inside this little man. His questions about his past had led him to slightly crooked paths.

More than anything, he wanted to feel like a normal teenager.

Lost boy dave pelzer 1

He wanted to be treated like a human being. These wants eventually became needs. He needed to fit in. He needed to feel human. He befriended kids who had given him the merest of attention.

Acceptance and recognition came in the form of stealing and lying. Deep inside, he knew he was doing something wrong but his early mind shrugged it off. No matter how temporary the feeling was. Foster parents, just like them, were also being frowned upon. But it was from and with these people that David later on realized his worth and found his identity.

It made me cry not because I felt sorry for the boy that David was or used to. I cried because I admired his courage and strength to make a difference. In some ways, he was the same little kid that stutters every time people talk to him.

But he felt the need to become a man or make a man out of himself. And above all these, I especially admired his gift of love. He loved the mother who stabbed him and burned his arm on the stove.

He loved the brothers who hated him for revealing "their secret". And he loved the father that never stood and fight for him. He loved them more than he loved himself.A Child Called 'It' is Dave Pelzer's story is of a child beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother: a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games that left one of her three sons nearly dead/5(7).

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The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer is an inspiring story about a child that was in search of a home. This is a true story about Dave Pelzer’s life. As a young child Dave was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by his alcoholic mother/5().

The Lost Boy is the sequel to Dave Pelzer's bestselling memoir A Child Called "It." The story opens in Daly City, California in , when David's teachers call .

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