Essay on auditory learners

Theorists believe that each individual has a particular learning style that is best suited to them and allows them to collect and process information successfully in order to learn. The principle idea… Learning Styles and Competencies Learning Styles and Competencies I found my personality spectrum to be true of whom I am as an individual person.

Essay on auditory learners

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. These styles are represented by the title VARK. VARK is actually the questionnaire which people can use to determine which learning method they prefer.

This preferred way can be utilized in a classroom, as well as in a boardroom or conference room at work.

This paper will explain briefly the four learning styles and an in-depth analysis of the kinesthetic style, the preferred style of this writer. People generally use a combination of styles when they learn, but most often one or two main types are the styles in which individuals learn best.

Visual learners are those who learn through watching or observing things. They prefer charts and graphs or other visual aids.

Diagrams and flow charts work well with them when presenting a difficult process. If they can see the flow, they can remember the process. Auditory learners comprehend best when they hear things. They often talk to themselves and read out loud to help understand material. The auditory learner does well in study groups, is not afraid to speak up and likes to explain things to others.

Listening to a taped recording of a lecture is an easy way for this learner to study. They prefer to read an assignment or write notes while an oral presentation is given. They often only need to read something once and they remember it.


They will use note cards and the process of writing things down helps to secure the information in their brain. Kinesthetic learners are active learners. They learn while doing things or watching the process being done.

If they have external stimulation such as music, they tend to concentrate better. They can learn intricate directions if they have acted them out or have mimicked the process.

Their attention span can be shorter than others, and thus if they can get up and move periodically, they learn better as well. Some strategies that help kinesthetic learners succeed are ones involving motion.

The kinesthetic learners should take short frequent breaks, should have some distraction like music or a fan on in the background, and have many highlighters on hand to use. The kinesthetic learners benefit from a soft squeeze ball or a Koosh ball to keep their hands busy but keep their mind open to processing information.

Demonstrations or Youtube presentations of things are ideal ways for kinesthetic learners to understand a complicated process. If kinesthetic learners can return demonstrations as well, this really helps to strengthen the learning process.

Applying the kinesthetic style in nursing is applicable especially in the teaching of nursing techniques. If there is a complicated dressing change or a difficult intravenous procedure, the kinesthetic learner performs best if first observing the procedure being done and then the next time, performing the technique independently.

If there are changes within electronic charting, the kinesthetic learner observes the instructor going through the steps one by one and then doing this new charting on their own computer.

If there is new medical equipment, the kinesthetic learner does best by watching the medical company representative demonstrate how the equipment is to be used, instead of reading the directions.

While the kinesthetic style is the one preferred by this writer there are several strategies which have not been applied over the past weeks and could be useful; sitting on a large exercise ball while reading chapters could help with concentrating on the written text, taking breaks more often during nightly study periods may prove helpful as well.

It would also be helpful to this kinesthetic learner to use highlighters on a more consistent basis, and perhaps the use of more than one color would prove beneficial.

In conclusion, it is known people use all four styles of learning during their life, but often one style is dominant and most helpful. This dominant style can vary depending on what needs to be learned. Some tasks may require a person use a certain style of learning, and then another task may have the learner use a different method.

The preferred learning style can assist people in finding methods and tips for them to be better students and succeed in many aspects of their life.One of them is auditory learners that means that people learn by being explained to by their teacher or. Influences on personal learning Essay.

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High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Students who learn through auditory cues do best with verbally delivered instruction.

It is commonly thought that auditory learners absorb more information when they hear things rather than when they read the same information. Essay on Auditory aids of teaching The students note the intricacies of music or language as the record is played.

Essay on auditory learners

2. Tape-recorder. The tape recordings are the most useful auditory aids. The tape-recorder can be put to multiple uses.

It can be used to teach pronunciation. The pupil's own voice can be recorded and heard in the class. Strategies: Intelligence and Auditory Learner Essay. completed form by the end of class on Thursday, September 5 to your online folder.

List out your scores: Visual Learner 9 * Auditory Learner 3 Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner 3 Put a star by your highest score Take your highest two numbers.

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