Business plans examples ukulele

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Business plans examples ukulele

PAT'D, So now we know whom, where and business plans examples ukulele. The patent, which shows a somewhat different, albeit equally strange instrument, helps tell the story. Altpeter talks about this invention for two-plus pages, but what it boils down to is a harp guitar-like concept to be applied to any type of fretted instrument presumably including ukulele.

The first section of the patent is to cover a "new method" of playing, wherein one is to swap the three high strings with the three low, in order to strum the three high accompaniment strings with the thumb preferably with a metal thumbpick to "add materially to the loudness"while plucking the lower strings with the fingers!

He ignores the fact that many makers had created versions of harp guitars for the same reason prior to this in fact, Altpeter's were probably the very last to be introduced.

However, unlike typical harp guitars, his bass strings are on the opposite side of the neck, to be played with the fingers, because of the backward tuning! He does allow the option for "normal" playing in fact, the drawing shows the guitar's main strings in normal tuning — but in this configuration the location of the extra bass strings makes absolutely no sense!

But Altpeter is far from finished. For those of us who have difficulty looking over the bulky arm of our Dyer and Knutsen harp guitars, this actually sounds like a great idea.

Who knows what they would have sounded like however, not to mention the bizarre appearance! I suspect that few if any of these option-filled instruments were made or sold — both because of the questionable construction requirements and the new playing method demands on the performer.

Which brings us to the one existing instrument: The neck of this soprano-sized, dark-stained mahogany instrument contains the standard four ukulele strings we can only guess if they were to be tuned backwards!

Details become more curious when we begin counting the appendages: Additionally, the yoke is asymmetrical with a support on the left side only. All of this appears original. My belief is that the overly creative Altpeter is again giving us options: The label implies that he built some of these "Double Bass Guitars" also.

See exclusive photos and information from Altpeter's descendants here.

business plans examples ukulele

And, no — not some cheesy knockoffs made overseas, but by some of the best luthiers out there. InNew Yorker Harry Eibert amused the guitar world by building, not a historical re-creation, but a completely new harp uke! The neck is Spanish cedar, with an ebony fingerboard containing pearl bird fret markers — all topped off with a stunning burl yellow birch veneer on both headstocks.

Of course, the most distinctive features are the dolphin-shaped bridge and arm soundhole. In January,Harry completed this outrageous tenor harp uke for Dick Dillof with 6 strings 4 course on the neck and 6 subs! But whatever the case, if a true fad should arise, then Canadian luthier Michael Dunn is prepared to meet it!

But while he uses the same form for each one, the similarities end there. A partial list of the woods he has used includes spruce and koa for the tops, with back and sides of Mediterranean cypress, birdseye maple, mahogany, koa and a special blackwood instrument for his wife.

That one featured rope binding of ebony and bone — for the others he uses a wide variety of woods all individually hand-cut and fitted including ebony, purpleheart, padauk, holly, boxwood, pernambuco and sapele in various contrasting configurations. My personal favorites of the Dunn harp ukes are those of birdseye maple like the one pictured — a version Knutsen should have made!

What I would really like to build is the Maccaferri harp guitar See my Blog "Dunn is Done! And another new one from Michael, an all-koa baritone harp-uke with four subs!

The Crane Harp Ukulele Lest you think the harp ukulele phenomenon could only occur in Americaour next harp ukulele variation hails from Japan. Having the appearance of a teeny uke nestled within the body of a soprano uke, it also reminds me of that strange American harp guitar by Maurer Makoto was not aware of this one, which is actually the reverse - a standard guitar jammed into a larger harp guitar.Business of creative writing usyd dover beach poem explanation essay myself college job apply.

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business plans examples ukulele

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